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Frank Mills Music Box Dancer Sheet Music
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Music Box Dancer Sheet Music for beginner and intermediate levels. Includes Paul Tobey's 2 chorus original piano solo!

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Preivew Paul Tobey's solo piano version of this popular piano favourite Music Box Dancer.

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This is Paul Tobey's version of the Hit Song Music Box Dancer Frank Mills. It starts off the same way as Frank's version but then it takes an improvisational twist.

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About Music Box Dancer

Frank Mills was born in Canada in 1942 and Music Box Dancer is by far his best known instrumental hit.

I met his career manager Bruce Davidsen a few years ago. He toured with Frank Mills and had many great stories to share.

One such story, as Bruce tells it, he was with Frank Mills on tour in Japan where Frank had enjoyed great popularity. There happened to be a music critic at the concert who cornered Bruce to advise him that the review wasn't going to be great. She was highly critical of Frank's playing ability to which Bruce basically responded in a very unkind way.

Bruce was very proud of the fact that the Music Box Dancer Sheet Music became the #1 selling piano sheet music of the time and reached #3 on the USA top-40 charts in 1979.

The last rumour I heard was that Frank Mills was living in Barbados where he continues to live off the fruits of his notoriety. I'm not sure this is true but it's what I heard.

One thing is for certain. Music Box Dancer will continue to be played for generations to come by aspiring pianists. It's one of those pieces that's is instantaneously infectious due to it's catchy melody and rhythm.

My jazz ensemble thought I was joking when I said I was going to play it at one of our concerts. The attitude was; it's a child's tune and beneath our ability. However, we played it, all be it quite differently than Frank Mills, and it turned out to be the greatest memory for most people at that concert. Click here to download the video! You'll notice that they didn't mind playing it at all in the end.

So, here's to Frank Mills for writing a great tune. I wish him all the best, wherever he is.

Musically yours,
Music Box Dancer
Paul Tobey

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