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Have You Been Considering Taking the Phenomenal Pilgrim's Journey on the Camino de Santiago?

Have You Already Been There and Want to Relive the Experience?

Whether you've walked, biked or driven it before, or you are seriously thinking about going to the Camino de Santiago for the first time, you'll want to download this wonderful film "Oh Ye of Little Faith" by maverick filmmaker, composer and concert pianist Paul Tobey. It's a "MUST SEE" Film for all who want to share the experience of the Camino!

In 2004 Paul Tobey and his cameraman Drew Dekker trekked 850kms along the legendary Camino de Santiago and got it all on film!

This film is of particular interest for pilgrims as it contains interviews with modern day pilgrims, a tour of a Refugio, some great stories, beautiful towns, adventurous festivals, interesting people and breathtaking scenery from the road itself.

This film will bring back memories of your Camino experience or, if you've not yet been, will also give you tremendous insight into what the journey is all about.

Join Paul Tobey on his journey of discovery as he uses the creative inspiration of the Camino de Santiago to compose music for 9 symphonies. The music makes use of jazz, classical, latin and Spanish Folk Music and is used as the soundtrack of this wonderful film.

"I can't thank you enough - what a beautiful film and memory!!" Nancy Lewis-Watts

"Thank you for this really wonderful film!!! I walked in May/June 2005 and it brought back such powerful memories. There were times I even had tears in my eyes." Glenn

"Thank you very much for the information and movie. I’m off on my first Camino in couple of days. I’m excited and scared at the same time!!" Wendy, Joondalup Australia

"Big surprise to receive your movie. I greatly enjoyed watching it. Surely very creative and with good sense of humour. Makes me longing for my boots." Heartly greetings, René

"Thanks for making these available - I'm doing the Camino next year in Aug/Sept and it was wonderful to see your perspective on the journey." Michelle

"Thank you for the video. I enjoyed watching your journey as I am planning my own Camino experience. I would love to talk with you more about the preparation and budgeting aspects of the trip. I simply cannot research enough. I am a classical guitarist and look forward to my musical experience on the Camino. Thank you again." Sean Six

"Thank you for replying and so quickly. What I did not mention in my last email was how impressed I am by your extemporization and obvious technical skills. My late music professor used to play for me in the evenings and we would exchange in a way that humans cannot at any other level. Corina would play and I would sing or she would simply play some Mr Beet, Liszt, Chopin and or extemporize on a given chord that I would proffer - the closest to heaven I have been, what ever heaven is actually. Anyway, I am doing this pilgrimage as a clarion call to all divorced people to return to our Holy Mother church. I hope at the same time to be some small inspiration to others to take up the challenge life, NOT just the Camino can throw at them and to know that they do have an inner resolve an inner spirituality (NOT necessarily religious), that can help them through troubled times.
Obviously, it goes a little deeper than that for me but I hope that at the age of 51 this year, I will be able to finish it from what ever start point." With kindest wishes Aindre

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FREE BONUS #1: CAMINAR - Music Video (A $10 Value)

The name of this Music Video, Caminar, is Spanish for "Walking", Caminar reflects Paul's walking pace as he treks 850kms on the Camino de Santiago. The steady ostinato rhythm of this song along with infectious melody and rhythm kept him energized throughout the 850 km pilgrimage for walks averaging 25 to 30 kms per day.

FREE BONUS #2: SARRIA SALSA - Music Video (A $10 Value)

The song itself, Sarria Salsa echoes the atmosphere in Sarria. It is very festive and welcoming with plenty of open air cafes and restaurants. Observing the culture from a street-side cafe Paul echoes its energy in this vibrant Salsa composition.



PLUS, as a special added bonus you'll also receive
Paul Tobey's compositions and recording of the
"Road to Santiago Suite"!

FREE BONUS #3: THE ROAD TO SANTIAGO SUITE - Audio CD Download (A $20 Value)

Inspired by Tobey's 850 km trek along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. 9 beautiful symphonic movements are a melange of jazz, classical, world, latin and folk music with lively themes ranging from a Bossa Nova to a Salsa. Opening with Ultreia, a salut to the call of the road, the songs carry listeners chronologically along the life altering journey through to final fulfillment and quiet reflection with the ending segment Finisterre. Rhythms and melody guide listeners along the journey echoing the playful breezes, lush natural surroundings and colourful cafes encountered along the Camino, along with momentous events such as; the running of the bulls and the triumphant arrival in Santiago de Compostela

The bonus package of 2 music videos and the entire "Road to Santiago Suite" is worth well over $40, and is yours FREE -- for ordering TODAY.

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Some Scenes From
the Film
"Oh Ye of Little Faith"

Cruz del Ferro

Santiago Pilgrim's Ceremony

Medieval Festival Hospital de Orbigo

Relaxing in Leon

Last Stop before Santiago

Reunite with friends in

Thomas - A real life
Templar Knight




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