How to Practice the Law of Detachment

Law of DetachmentMany people ask, “what is the quickest way to get from where I am to where I want to be?” Funnily enough, the answer is; stop trying to figure out how you will get it.

And, that is perhaps the most difficult lesson that we as humans will ever have to learn. The problem for most people is that when they set their sights on a specific outcome, their focus is usually only on one way to get it.

For example; let’s say you want to take a vacation. The way most people would go about that is to pick a time that they are off work and then save up the money to go on the vacation. And while that seems like a logical strategy, there are a million other ways that that vacation could come to you.

I’m not going to spend the short time I have for this article and explain all the different ways that it could come about, that’s where your imagination comes in. And then most people would say,” that’s not reality.” And, I would say that reality is for people that lack imagination.

What we’re really talking about here is something called the law of detachment. It basically means whatever comes about is actually the quickest route from where you are to where you want to get. Generally the way that we want something to happen and force and expect it to happen is not usually the quickest way.

If we focus on a specific path, strategy or plan to bring something about, when it doesn’t happen exactly as planned we become upset, agitated, worried and fearful. Because, we really desire that specific thing to come about.

It seems natural to do that. That’s the way we’ve learned. We were taught that if we work hard will get ahead. My question to you is,” how is that working for you?”

If you are going to really understand the law detachment, then you’re going to have to go much deeper than just thought. Most humans would think their way to or result when in actual fact they should be feeling their way there.

Every human possesses a massive amount of creative magnetic energy, humans are ultimately creative, everyone of us. And, were also magnetic, we draw situations, circumstances and people to us based on how we feel.

That is ultimately the law of attraction at work. The law of attraction and the law detachment are intertwined. Why is that? Because, when you detach from any specific outcome, you are feeling better, you know that life is supposed to be effortless.

And so when there is an effortlessness about life and you are feeling good, that activates the law of attraction which then brings things to your quicker than if you were to force them.

The whole problem with the law detachment is that it is very uncommon in today’s world. Most people have either not heard of it or have heard of it and dismissed it because it’s not part of their belief system. I once had a gentleman send me an e-mail after a seminar saying that he did not believe it was a good idea to make money while you sleep.

He said he was from the old country where they work hard for their money. I do not have a problem with that. But, the question is if you’ve been working hard your whole life and still have not got what you consider to be a hat then you need a better plan, a better strategy.

My belief system says the law detachment is the quickest way to get from where you are now to where you want to get. By all means, pick a specific destination, pick a specific goal. However, when you take action, and you must absolutely take action, don’t be surprised if the very path that you wanted to take has several roadblocks in the way. And rather than force yourself through them, the law detachment states; stop, reassess, reinitiate, and take the opportunity that seems like the easiest route.

This is not the normal way to behave. But, there is nothing normal about extraordinary success. If you want extraordinary success, you will eventually have to understand, practice and utilize the law of detachment in your life.

But do not misunderstand me, the law of detachment does not mean saying to yourself, ” well I know wasn’t to happen anyways so therefore I’m detached, I’m okay with it.” The law of detachment is not putting up with the things in your life that you do not want, the law of detachment is initiating, and taking action towards a big goal, but then detaching from whatever path and opportunity that is sent to you.

It is very difficult to do this. You literally have to revamp your entire belief system.

So my suggestion is; you either pick up a book and read more about it, and there are several out there, or you take a training seminar with somebody that understands this law and can give you specific exercises on how to make it come about.

A perfect example of the law detachment is this very article. Every morning I set out on my walk, with my digital recorder, not knowing exactly what I want to write. I just know that I will write something. It doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to strategize for six months on an article. I do not have to force the contents to come but, I just allowed the meditative act of walking to bring into my mind something that feels good and to dictate that into the recorder.

I have written hundreds of articles using law of detachment. The opposite way, like I said, is to know exactly what you’re going to write. And usually when someone tries to write exactly what is planned they generally never get started or never finish, because it always has to be perfect.

The hardest thing that I’ve had to do in my life is to understand the law detachment because as a Virgo I am inherently a perfectionist. However, I can tell you that when I let go of the need to be perfect, which is an ego driven concept, things flowed easier into my life, and for this I am grateful.

My greatest wish for you is that you understand the law detachment. And, at least initiate some steps to bring it into practice in your life. Digg Facebook Google Yahoo Buzz StumbleUpon
  • Chris Nye

    What do you do if you don’t know what/where you want to be/go?

  • Business Training

    Chris, this is a common problem. The number one reason why people don’t get what they want in life is because they don’t know what it is.

    Here’s how I might be able to help. Consider doing the following exercise not once but at least three or four times over the next year.

    Do this exercise step-by-step.

    1. Write down 10 things that you would like to do, be or have in your life that you do not have right now.

    2. Try to visualize yourself being that person, having that thing, or doing what it is you want to be doing. How does that make you feel? focus on the feeling not the thought.

    3. Rate each of your 10 responses based on how you feel on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being you feel very strongly about it and one being you don’t feel that great about it. You will likely notice that there are only a couple of things that are close to or even approach being a level 10.

    These are the things that you want most. These are the things that you feel the strongest about and that represent your purpose and message to the world. Once you feel strongly about something you will activate the law of attraction and opportunity will come into your life to allow you to complete what it is you’re supposed to be doing.

    Only once you figure out what it is you’re supposed to be doing can you feel good most of the time. Feeling good is the greatest activator of the law of attraction that’s why you must visualize yourself having what want even before you have it. Most people do not do this. Most people take whatever comes along and settle.

    Perhaps you could think about it this way;

    Do dogs love bones?

    No. Dogs love steak, they settle for bones. Why? because that’s the way they’ve been programmed. Dogs suffer from lack and do not know any different. So do humans.

    In addition to figuring out what it is you want based on the strong feelings that you are heading in the right direction you must also detach from the outcome on a regular basis. If you are not detached from the outcome that means you are resistant to what is. And resistance is futile.

  • Chris Nye

    Thank you Paul.

  • Emmanuelle Greco

    I’d love to read more about this… from your point of vue.

  • Business Training

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  • Singhbam

     LESSONS FROM GOD – Attachment & Detachment.It was a beautiful sunny day, I was at the local Boot salewhere people sell new and old stuff in stalls in Quaint Kent countryside. .I was musing to my self and wandering here and there between the stallswhen all of a sudden my eyes beheld a Westminster Clock.It was beautiful just like the one we had back home in Tanzania 50 years ago.I asked the stall man to wind it. As the chimes took me back to my childhood,I was totally entranced. I must buy this lovely clock I thought.I bargained, a deal was struck..I reached into my pocket to pay, and guess who walks up to us.Yes some of you have guessed it, Sai Baba appeared in the middle of the Boot Sale..”So nice to see you Baba, did the lovely clock chimes entrance you too? Is that why you have come?”, I spoke. “Shall I ask the seller to wind the chimes again?”. Baba looked at me sternly, ” Amarjit, you love the clock”Yes, Baba it will grace our home, its lovely isn’t it?.Baba, ” Its lovely, but look who will also come to your home with the clock”Baba waved his hand and a Veil lifted – a Dimension opened up..I saw an Old man polishing the Clock who is this I wondered.Baba spoke, “Amarjit, this clock was the pride and passion of the original owner. Hehas died however he died not knowing about .Attachment and Detachment..He was so attached to his material life and possessions that he has not realized he has died. His soul is stuck in Limbo.He believes he is still alive and still does all his chores as if he is still alive.He winds and polishes the clock amongst many other jobs.He still goes and talks to his children and becomes very annoyed as they cannot see him but his negativevibrations still affect them, and cause family friction. They haveno idea their father is manipulating behind the scenes..He does not realize he has passed over..Amarjit, Practice Detachment and detachment.Do not be too attached to this life.You can pass over (Die) at any time..The only attachment one must have is Attachment to GOD.saying this he vanished..Baba certainly has a point there I must try not to be too attachedeven attachment to family is not right as when we pass over if we do not realize we have died we would manifest as a Ghost and try to control, influence our family and cause devastating consequences..ATTACHMENT & DETACHMENT

  • Business Training

    I am currently experiencing a high volume of emails at this accountand it may take me up to 48 hours to respond.  If your message isurgent, please resend with priority urgency checked and I’ll do mybest to respond quickly or call the office at 416.229.4710.Have a great day,Paul TobeyTraining Business Pros

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